Million Paws Walk

We are absolutely flying through the year, and almost 5 months down we are 2/3rds of our way through our current Charity; the RSPCA Rescue Team & Million Paws Walk. The cornerstone fundraiser for the RSPCA Rescue Team is the Million Paws Walk, which will be happening THIS SUNDAY 28TH MAY from 11am at Albert Park.

If you cannot make this wonderful occasion (surrounding yourself with all the doggos!), we have set up a Peak Training Team via the RSPCA where you can personally donate, we hope to raise >$500 for this great cause so please contribute wherever you can, and Peak will contribute a portion of all membership fees over Q2. Click here to donate!

Q3 Charity: Walking with Ava

As for our next quarterly charitable efforts, we’re announcing it quite early as it is quite timely and hits very close to home.

You may or may not be aware but just over a month ago a young up and coming gymnast named Ava had a training incident leaving her currently paralysed from the chest down.

There are certainly risks associated with sport but none more serious than this. We will be donating a portion of our membership towards Ava’s physical therapy and surgical costs which we hope lightens the financial burden in some small way.

You can support Ava further and follow her determination and progress via her Insta page found here:

Big THANK-YOU to you all!

Over the past few weeks we wanted to say a massive thankyou to everyone for being so understanding of our staffing issues over the past few weeks! With Luke requiring a Hernia repair (which he is gradually recovering well from!), Sarah being called up for a show and Jacko falling incredibly unwell, it has been tough to keep the show on the road! A big special mention to Courtenay Crimeen for taking control on the night where we couldn’t have a coach in attendance, we are truly grateful for your effort!

Good Luck to Team Peak!

This Saturday 27th May will be the first comp for Team Peak this year! They will be making the trek out to Maffra Gymnastics Club to represent our team strongly in their first hit out of the year! If you are keen on a Saturday drive, maybe arrange a car pool and come on down to get behind the team!

If you are still on the fence as to whether to compete this year or not, the most important competition isn’t until October so you still have time to get amongst it! Speak to Coach Luke or Oli to get more info!

Introduction of Movement Pulses:

For those who attended the skills classes this week you will have experienced the introduction of our Peak Movement Pulses! These have taken a lot of work behind the scenes and are designed to give you a “movement snack” whenever you need it! These will be posted on our Instagram very soon, where we would encourage you to complete one of the three pulses every day, especially on days you are not attending a skill class! They have been designed to improve range of motion, stability and injury resilience through movement. None of them take more than 5mins, so if you are feeling lazy on a given day and don’t wish to train, at a minimum, commit 5mins to get the Peak Movement Pulse done!

Turkish Get Up Tutorial Video on FB group

After a guest appearance coaching on Friday, Marty received a number of questions regarding the Turkish Get Up. This is one of THE BEST exercises you can do for mobility and stability and should be a staple of every athletes training!

There are numerous techniques, and nuances that make this such a beneficial exercise. The downside is that it is highly technical, and needs to be practiced frequently to improve; aka more than just once a week. So if you are feeling a bit more motivated after completing your Peak Movement Pulse and want to do a little more, get a few practice reps in of the Turkish Get Up!

To watch a quick tutorial on this fantastic exercise, head to our closed FB group!

Australian Gymnastics Championships – Oli’s Results & Peak on the Podium!

Coach Oli competed at the Australian Gymnastics Championships last weekend at Senior International Level (for those who don’t know what that means… it’s the highest level you can possibly get to!) and secured a Top 10 Finish in All Around. Absolutely unreal effort by our competitive team’s fearless leader! Other results saw Peak representative Zac Perillo come 2nd on Rings!

Art’s & Culture

Contributing to our difficulty fielding a coaching team last week was Coach Sarah’s late call up to perform in the show “Common Dissonance”, a contemporary circus work exploring the struggle between traditional and modern modes of reasoning. The show will be doing a small regional tourn over the next few weeks, for more info and tix click here: Common Dissonance – Regional Arts Victoria (

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre – Tuesday 23rd May – 7.30pm

Drum Theatre, Dandenong – Saturday 27th May – 5.00pm

West Gippsland Arts Centre – Thursday 1st June – 6.00pm

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre – Friday 2nd June – 7.30pm

Lastly, Coach Phil has his last weekend playing at Rendezvous hotel this week, the last time we said this he had his residency extended due to his stellar work, so hopefully the same thing can occur, but if not, don’t miss you chance for a nice afterwork or pre-party cocktail and some tunes at Rendezvous in Flinders Street!

Next Social Event:

We are hoping to finally arrange a Peak Snow Trip this year after years of discussion, so keep an eye out for that soon!

That’s all for now Peakers!