Peak Classes

The Peak Training System

The Peak Training System has been designed to be the most complete, well rounded training paradigm in group strength and fitness. Our classes are designed to improve the following physical attributes across the week, and significantly rewards those who wish to train consistently! Every day of training will address the below System Outcomes to varying degrees, so that every athlete is being exposed to each training stimulus daily:

  • Midline Stability
  • Flexibility + Mobility
  • Upper Limb Strength + Stability
  • Lower Limb Strength + Stability
  • Spatial Awareness/Proprioception/Balance/Agility

Building the Peak Training Pyramid, this explains the classes

At Peak Training, we redefine fitness by integrating flexibility, skill, and strength into a comprehensive training system tailored for everyone. Designed by elite athletes with years of expertise, our program offers unparalleled technical knowledge that caters to all skill levels. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or refining your athletic performance, Peak Training equips you with the tools for success, ensuring every session maximises your potential across all aspects of fitness.

Peak BASE: Peak Training

Unlock your athletic potential with our Peak BASE classes, tailored for enhancing strength and flexibility across all skill levels. Whether you’re diving into handstands for the first time or beginning your tumbling journey, these sessions are your gateway to a fun, effective fitness regime.

Focus: These classes concentrate on building foundational attributes like strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics strength

Who? Ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts looking to spice up their routine in a dynamic setting.

Athletic Development: Enjoy a comprehensive, engaging approach to getting stronger and more adaptable.

Skill Introduction: New to handstands or tumbling? Start your adventure here, in a welcoming, supportive environment.


Elevate your power-to-weight ratio with our gymnastics-based strength classes, tailored to maximize strength, stability, and control through a full range of motion. Our innovative approach blends externally loaded exercises with bodyweight training to foster adaptability and holistic physical development. Programmed by the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Victorian Men’s High Performance Centre for Gymnastics, these sessions are ideal for those looking to enhance their gymnastic capabilities or develop a robust, adaptable physique. Our classes offer a structured pathway to boost your performance.


Master the art of movement with our meticulously crafted Fundamentals Class, focused on the correct techniques for handstands and tumbling. This class welcomes enthusiasts at all skill levels, aiming to build the essential strength, flexibility, and technical knowledge necessary for advanced manoeuvres. Guided by expert instructors, participants progress through a curriculum tailored to their skill development, transforming gymnastic ambitions into precise, confident achievements.


Transform your approach to stretching with our innovative flexibility classes at Peak. Led by experienced coaches, these sessions explore a variety of stretching techniques, including passive and dynamic stretching, partner exercises, active strengthening, and skill-based stretches. Suitable for all experience levels, the class enhances overall mobility and range of motion, concentrating on gymnastic essentials like splits, straddles, and bridges. Open to gymnasts, athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike, expect a comprehensive full-body workout that offers a unique flexibility experience distinct from traditional yoga or Pilates.

Peak Performance: Advanced Skill Development

Elevate your gymnastics prowess in our traditional adult gymnastics classes. Perfect for ex-gymnasts or those with tumbling experience, this class sharpens specific skills and prepares you for adult gymnastics competitions.

Focus: Advanced skill enhancement and routine perfection across men’s and women’s gymnastics apparatus Who? Tailored for former gymnasts or anyone looking to seriously advance their gymnastics skills.

Competition Preparation: Train to compete at master-level events.

Skill Advancement: Progress through increasingly complex gymnastics manoeuvres and routines.

Goal Progression: A skill and accessory program building on the 3-session base program to provide further development and practice opportunities for handstand, weightlifting and apparatus skill development across rings, pbars and bar apparatus.

Personal and Group Training

One on One or Group Training Sessions with any of our elite coaches can be made by appointment. These sessions are tailored 100% to your needs and goals whether a beginner to gymnastics, current competitive MAG/WAG gymnast or you wish to compliment training in another sport or discipline!

Gymnastics Based Strength, Stability
& Skill Development.