Peak Classes

The Peak Training System

The Peak Training System has been designed to be the most complete, well rounded training paradigm in group strength and fitness. Our classes are designed to improve the following physical attributes across the week, and significantly rewards those who wish to train consistently! Every day of training will address the below System Outcomes to varying degrees, so that every athlete is being exposed to each training stimulus daily:

  • Midline Stability
  • Flexibility + Mobility
  • Upper Limb Strength + Stability
  • Lower Limb Strength + Stability
  • Spatial Awareness/Proprioception/Balance/Agility

Building the Peak Performance Pyramid

These physical attributes are developed across our 4 physical development classes:

  • Peak Strength: Develop the strength attributes of a gymnast! Utilising various apparatus such as rings, bars, paralettes and body weight to develop functional strength and control!
  • Core & Handstands: Develop gymnast level core stability and get inverted by improving your handstanding ability!
  • Flexibility & Mobility: Improve your hip, leg, shoulder, back and overall mobility by learning the fundamentals of mobility and movement suitable for complete beginners, athletes, trainers, clinicians or for those feeling a little tight and would like to have a good stretch!
  • Tumbling: Whether a complete beginner or an ex-gymnast these sessions will develop your tumbling ability! All abilities welcomed and catered for however it is recommended to attend our Strength, Flexibility and Core and Handstand classes prior to Tumbling classes in order to prepare your body for the rigours of tumbling!

*It is recommended to our newbies to prioritise the Strength, Flexibility and Mobility and Core and Handstand Classes initially to ensure appropriate physical development prior to attending Tumbling classes.

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Peak Performance – Skill Development – (Peak Performance Membership Only)

If you have a drive to learn the infinite array of incredible apparatus based gymnastics skills or would like to compete with Team Peak at Master’s events you can join our Skill Development sessions. It is expected that all attendees to our skill sessions are also consistently partaking in our physical development classes listed above to ensure efficient and safe skill development. All abilities welcomed and catered for however it is recommended to attend our Strength, Flexibility, Core & Handstand and Tumbling classes prior to commencing Skill Development classes in order to prepare your body for the rigours of apparatus work!

Personal and Group Training

One on One or Group Training Sessions with any of our elite coaches can be made by appointment. These sessions are tailored 100% to your needs and goals whether a beginner to gymnastics, current competitive MAG/WAG gymnast or you wish to compliment training in another sport or discipline!

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Peak Kids!

Peak Kids is a NEW and FUN way to train GYMNASTICS. It’s an inclusive program for children aged 6-10yrs that teaches the basic shapes, skills and tricks seen in the sport.

Your child will develop greater strength and body awareness, increase their flexibility and coordination, as well as learn how to tumble and fall correctly, all while developing the foundations of gymnastics tricks and skills.

Class flexibility allows your child to train at the time most convenient to you/their schedule. Click below to reserve your child’s spot on the tumble floor!

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Open Gym

Know what you want to work on and would prefer an unstructured session to do so? Feel free to attend Open Gym during any of our opening hours for $15! Cash or card payment can be made on arrival, or if you wish to take care of it prior CLICK HERE to view our Schedule and click the session you wish to attend!


Sports Cross Training

The benefits of gymnastics training are widely known, with many elite sporting teams seeking out Gymnastics Based Cross-Training due to the physiological benefits gained from the skill, stability, strength and proprioception required by gymnastics. Our team have worked with AFL clubs, Netball teams, A-League, Cricket Victoria, Elite CrossFitters, Dancers, Fitness models, Cheerleaders and many other disciplines to help them improve their sporting performance. Sessions are specifically tailored around the characteristics required each sport. Our programs are devised by Elite Level Gymnasts coupled with the expertise of Accredited Sport Scientists, Exercise Physiologists and experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches ensuring you receive the best Gymnastics Cross-Training Program in the country.  Contact Us below for more information and to book a session!