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All our coaches have extensive knowledge, with many having competed and/or coached at the highest level in the sport. All our coaches believe in constant progression for all participants, never putting a ceiling on the skills attainable. From absolute beginner to elite, we are equipped to help you achieve your gymnastic based goals.

No Gimmicks. Just Knowledge.

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If you decide to attend a session at the last minute it is possible to simply drop in and make payment in cash or via card. To save time on arrival however, it is advised to sign up for a drop-in session online so that you can, sign the waiver, make payment and confirm your booking without missing out on any class time!

Given that all our coaches have competed at Senior International Level (the highest level in gymnastics), their extensive knowledge covers beginners to current athletes. In addition to this undisputed level of expertise, within our Adult Gymnastics Classes we break into groups based on current ability levels to ensure everyone receives as close to a personalised experience in a group class as possible!

If you have never completed any gymnastics/calisthenics based training and would like to develop your strength, flexibility, core stability, handstanding and tumbling prior to joining our main class, we recommend you join our Peak BASE Classes to develop the fundamentals of gymnastics first, however this is not compulsory!

If you are extremely nervous about jumping into our classes straight away don’t forget we offer Personal and Group Training also if you’d like a truly personalised introduction to gymnastics!

For a rundown of what we cover in our various classes check out our Programs page!

Usual training attire is fine however ensure you are wearing clothes you can move freely in and feel free to bring a drink bottle.

No Gimmicks. Just Knowledge.

Learn more about us and what we do at Peak Gymnastics!